Make Every Job Site Safer and More Efficient

The Trash Rocket telescoping roofing debris chute helps your crew power through jobs faster while increasing safety and protecting property.

Tow it. Park it. Rocket.

One-person setup in 15 minutes with a chute that extends over landscaping and other obstructions and breaks down just as fast. Ready for the next job.

Trash Rocket is a Quantum Leap Improvement on Old Trash Chutes

  • Ready in Minutes

  • No Assembly, Just Park and Extend

  • Easy One Person Set Up

  • Easy Access Hopper

  • No Obstructing Chute Supports

  • Simple to Operate

  • Ultra-Durable Poly-Lined Hopper

  • More Flexibility for Dumpster Location

  • Design Allows for Removal of Long Materials such as Sheet Metal Flashings

Built by Roofing Pros
For Roofing Pros

Engineered to Deliver More Productive Job Sites

Get The Rocket


  • Telescoping design creates a compact unit for easy transport and setup
  • Trailer-mounted for easy transport

  • Save time on setup and tear-down
  • Minimized need for fall-protection tie-off so every load happens faster
  • Convenient all-in-one control panel on base unit


  • Non-stick, durable high-density poly chute is virtually self-cleaning
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction of primary parts
  • Powder-coated steel trailer and lift mechanism for durability and strength
  • Battery-powered hydraulic lift mechanism with integrated charger
  • Solar powered maintenance charger included

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind design, U.S. patent number 9,555,968


  • Folding lower chute adjusts to dumpster size and location

  • Folding upper chute adjusts to roofline and provides large hopper

  • Solid, self-leveling hopper supports can clear parapet walls

  • Adjustable outriggers provide leveling and safety on uneven terrain

  • Can reach roof heights up to 39 feet

  • Up to 32 feet of clearance between base unit and building

Messy Problem — Neat Solution

Repairing and replacing roofing material can generate a lot of debris. Worse yet, getting that debris to the ground for haul away can be messy, dangerous and damaging to surrounding landscaping and architecture.

Trash Rocket is the solution.

A totally self-contained roof-to-bin debris disposal system that makes every job faster, safer and simpler. Trash Rocket was designed by roofers for roofers because we wanted to improve our own job sites.

Begin deploying the Trash Rocket today and you’ll begin wondering what you ever did without it. Best of all, this investment in a better job site can pay for itself through greater efficiency, less clean-up and higher customer satisfaction.

Every serious roofing operation needs the Trash Rocket. Call today for more information.

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